‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Creeps Into Squid Game’s All-time Netflix Record

Squid Game was such a massive and unexpected global phenomenon, and so far above anything Netflix has ever put out in terms of viewership, it seemed like nothing could catch it.

Now for the first time something May have a chance, at least.

That would be Stranger Things season 4, where Netflix has now revealed that in its first 24 days of release, it got 883.3 million hours of viewing time, compared to Squid Game’s 1.6 billion hours in 28 days.

While it seems unlikely that he will break out of second place in four days, he may realize there is a catch here. Stranger Things has only aired Part 1 from Season 4, where Part 2 will debut on July 1, and while it’s only two more episodes, it adds up to four more hours of viewing time.

Netflix has already said what they will tell and what they won’t. The 28-day clock will start running from July 1, but only for those two episodes. While part 1 views will count toward the grand total (and last we checked, Squid Game’s lifetime views are something like 2.2 billion hours), they won’t add to the 28-day counter. part 2 will, within those 28 days.

So there’s got to be a spike in the last four days here, plus a lot of people watching those final two episodes. Not just once, but maybe multiple times. Otherwise, since 9 hours of the 13-hour season have already aired, it will be close. Doing a little math, if all the people who watched the first batch of episodes watch the second, it should still be short of Squid Game’s total, maybe by a few hundred million hours. It will no doubt surpass one billion hours watched, a crazy stat in its own right, and will by far hold the record for an English-language series, but Squid Game may end up on top when this is all over.

Of course, Stranger Things will have one last chance to beat Squid Game when it returns for Season 5, its final season, in a year or two. Squid Game itself will return, probably in 2024, for a second season, but I’d be a bit surprised if it tops the first, even as other shows amass larger viewership over time. But we will have to see. It seems like it would be hard for lightning to strike twice like that, given that the show was never intended to have a second season in the first place.

We’ll know more about all of this when Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 arrives. More to come.

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