Prince Andrew faces new calls to lose the title of Duke of York from the people of York

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New measures are under way to force Prince Andrew to relinquish his title of “Duke of York” after a lawmaker from the northern city introduced new legislation in the British Parliament to allow such a move.

Rachael Maskell, who is the public representative for York Central, introduced the “Title Removal Bill”, after polls showed that 80 percent of its citizens want to be freed from their ties to shamed royalty, which he has refused to stop using the title, which was given to him as a wedding present in 1986.

Earlier this year, Andrew reportedly paid $14 million to settle with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, who claimed Andrew raped her three times as a teenager. Andrew has denied knowing Giuffre.

Andrew was stripped of “royal worker” status by the queen and asked not to use his honorific “HRH”, but was not ordered to stop using his title “Duke of York”.

Maskell told the daily mail that the citizens of York were particularly unhappy with York’s association with Andrew due to its status as a Human Rights City, a voluntary network of European cities committed to prioritizing human rights.

Local lawmakers and council members in York previously passed resolutions calling for Andrew to be stripped of the title and stripped of honors such as his “Liberty of the City of York”.

The legislation would also allow other people “who have not lived up to public expectations” to be stripped of their titles.

Maskell told the daily mail: “In February, when we focused on the court case that was being brought against Andrew, my constituents responded that 80% of people wanted the association with the current Duke of York to be broken. And so I met with the clerks here in the House of Commons to see how that can be achieved.”

He found that “there were no established mechanisms, not even for the monarch, to remove the title. The only real way to do that is for Andrew to no longer call himself, by choice, the Duke of York.”

He added: “Using a title like Duke of York is an ambassadorial role, it bears the name of our city throughout the world.

“And it is a city, which is a Human Rights City, the only Human Rights City in England. We’re already in a culture shock when we talk about violence against women and girls and the issues that we’re really working hard on in the city, how to make York a very safe place.”

The queen is understood to be reluctant to force Andrew to relinquish his title. As The Daily Beast reported, Andrew Morton, author of the bombshell book, recently said that the queen, 96, Diana: her true storyto assess his “intense” loyalty to her.

However, Andrew’s support is likely to run out when his mother is no longer on the throne. Charles has been implacably opposed to Andrew’s resumption of public life and it is reported that William wants Andrew totally and permanently barred from real life.

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