Nvidia RTX 4090 could have more performance than previously thought

As the next generation of GPUs gets closer and closer, the rumors keep coming and recent speculation gives a glimpse of Nvidia’s 40 series.

Sometime this year, the graphics card industry will make the jump to the next generation, offering even more powerful hardware than is currently offered. In theory, at least. As AMD looks to release RDNA 3, nvidia it goes toe-to-toe with its biggest rival, preparing to launch the Ada Lovelace range in the coming months. Of course, many are keeping an eye out for insider information, and a recent leak suggests the green team’s upcoming RTX 4090 could pack more of an punch.


According to a recent tweet from industry leaker kopite7kimi, spotted by PCGamesN, Nvidia’s next big release powered by its new architecture may perform better than previously thought. While it might still feature 24GB of VRAM, on a 384-bit memory bus, it’s possible that the company’s next flagship release will have 16,384 CUDA cores, while it was previously rumored to have 16,118. The leaker also suggests that people shouldn’t expect a lower MSRP in any of the Lovelace ranges.

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It is not yet known for sure when the RTX 4090 and other models will finally hit stores. There is a possibility that Nvidia has delayed the release of the 40 series. Initially, it was believed that it would be released sometime this August. However, the new release window puts it in September. Despite the one-month setback, if true, this will still put the green team slightly ahead of AMD, with both companies leaving Intel in the dust as the latter delays in releasing long-awaited Arc desktop graphics cards.

At the earliest, AMD may launch RDNA 3 cards this October, so the end of Q3 and the beginning of Q4 could be an interesting time if both tech giants see those as their launch windows. Of course, it goes without saying that none of these details have been officially confirmed yet, so as always, readers are advised to take the information with a grain of salt.

Although Intel has started to release its Arc GPUs now, but only in China for the time being, neither nvidia neither AMD have to worry about the blue team. Instead, these industry giants will likely focus on making sure they stay ahead of today’s competition. Hopefully, there will be some official announcements soon about what to expect from Ada Lovelace and RDNA 3, respectively.

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Source: PCGamesN

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