How The Chainsmokers Create Brand Deals With Pearpop And Tubular

American DJ/producer duo The Chainsmokers aren’t just successful electronic musicians and performers. Like many of their peers who have built sustainable careers in a rapidly changing music industry, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have also had to closely attend to the business side of their creativity, leveraging social media and brand deals to help. to earn a living. .

Given the music industry’s shift to streaming and the huge impact social video platforms like TikTok and YouTube have had on musicians connecting with fans, it’s no surprise that brands routinely reach out to Pall and Taggart. to associate. But making a brand deal involves much more than a simple “yes” followed by an online video post.

With the massive VidCon influencer conference returning to an in-person event today in Anaheim, California, I interviewed Pall via email earlier in the week. We talked about how The Chainsmokers use the Pearpop brand collaboration platform to find out which songs are really hitting the spot with fans, which brands they might want to do deals with, and more. The Chainsmokers like Pearpop so much that they invested in the company.

Pearpop has just announced a partnership with social video metrics company Tubular Labs to launch a retail insights tool that will connect social video viewing to those audiences’ online shopping behaviors with Amazon.
and walmart
built on Tubular’s existing Consumer Insights offering.

Fans of the duo are, for example, four times more likely to buy books at Walmart than the average social video viewer. Other tidbits beyond The Chainsmokers include:

  • Nearly 20% of comedian Kevin Hart’s audience purchased electronics on Amazon after 30 days of watching one of his videos.
  • Hugely popular YouTube creator and philanthropist MrBeast has an audience four times more likely than the average to buy tennis rackets on Amazon.
  • Instagram star Sommer Ray’s audience is 7.4 times more likely to buy mouse pads on Amazon within 30 days of watching one of his videos.

The Tubular-Pearpop partnership represents a potential big step for creators like The Chainsmokers who rely on brand deals but need to show their partners what works, Pall suggested. Below is a lightly edited transcript of our conversation:

Forbes: How do you use the Pearpop and Tubular Chainsmokers? Any examples of a project where data and other insights helped drive your business and your art?

CoffinNote: We have used the original Pearpop feature several times with our recent releases. It was an amazing resource for us not only to seed ideas and songs on Tiktok, but also to track what seemed to connect or not. From our point of view, Pearpop helps to facilitate, organize and strategize launches and, moreover, when you see something click, you amplify it. We haven’t had a chance to use Tubular yet, but we’re very excited about the possibility. There is much to be gained on both sides of the equation with a service like this. I think that’s something that Pearpop always does a great job of, looking at things from both sides, what is the supply and demand, what are the expectations and demands, etc.

Forbes: I understand that they are also Pearpop investors. What led you to invest in the company and where else have you and Drew invested in technology and entertainment? Where does this fit into your strategies for your creative work and the business behind your work?

Coffin: Yes, we invest personally. I alluded to it a little bit in the last question, but for us, we recognize that Pearpop is about providing information and the power that comes with it, but not just for one party, but for everyone. For us, that is the nature of big business and they understand the balance it strikes with social media (video) and consumerism. As investors, we are people first, we love investing in people who are looking at things from a new or different perspective, who are trying to upset the status quo or provide a better experience. We’re pretty picky when it comes to investing in consumer and social media, but some of the other investments we’ve made are Fanhouse, Slushy, Royal, Beacons, Stir, PopShop Live, Underdog Fantasy, and a few others. All of these investments (are in) businesses (that) in some way, shape or form actually tap into a new, and better, experience between social and consumer.

Forbes: Talk about the challenges The Chainsmokers have faced in getting adequate data on their projects, especially when working with brands. It’s a common complaint, but how could the Pearpop/Tubular connection alleviate the situation?

Coffin: Well, I can’t imagine a single creator, artist, or whatever being selected for potential brand deals or campaigns that hasn’t thought, “Despite the financial compensation, more importantly, will my fans relate?” with this?” At the end of the day, every time you aggressively cater to your fans with something that doesn’t connect, you’re not only hurting yourself and your relationship with your fans, but also the business relationship itself. It seems pretty obvious when you say it out loud, but in between all of this, there are so many gray areas where you’re just making assumptions. We’ve done a lot of deals where, in hindsight, we wish we understood a little better what our fans really wanted. Tubular will remove all the mystery and guesswork and allow truly healthy and productive deals to move forward that both parties are excited to be involved in. If you knew that a large percentage of our fans wear or buy a clothing company that we’re promoting, you’d be much more inclined to go above and beyond the minimum promotional requirements.

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