How much Salesforce pays software engineers, managers, and others

How much Salesforce pays software engineers, managers, and others

  • Ever wonder how much Salesforce pays analysts or engineers? We analyze hundreds of salaries.
  • Salesforce discloses salary data on visa applications, so we researched the data.
  • Engineering directors and product management leaders earned some of the highest salaries.

Salesforce has hired a ton during the pandemic, growing its workforce from 57,000 to more than 73,000 in 2021, according to its annual reports.

Though it’s now slowing hiring and suspending recruiting for some open positions to control spending, Insider previously reported, the company still intends to add new employees this year, just in a more measured way.

On the company’s recent earnings call, CFO Amy Weaver said company leaders have been asked to “strategically prioritize their investments” and that most new hires will focus “on roles that will support customer success and the execution of our top priorities.”

It is also now focused on integrating its $27.7 billion acquisition of


, in addition to continuing to integrate the acquisitions of Tableau and MuleSoft. Prioritizing customer success jobs — getting more customers to buy multiple products instead of just one or two — is a key strategy at Salesforce.

While Salesforce doesn’t share how much it pays employees, it is required to disclose salary offers on work visa applications submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Foreign Labor Certification. Insider combined data from the bureau, which authorizes the hiring of employees outside from the US and then publishes the data.

The data does not include stock grants that can significantly increase total compensation, but it is a valuable guide to Salesforce salaries for a variety of positions. Insider reviewed the hundreds of disclosed salaries representing engineers, product managers, and more.

Most of the analyzed wages from the first quarter of 2022 represent workers in California, Washington and Texas. The highest-paid person in the data set is a senior director of software engineering in California who was offered $330,000, while the lowest-paid person is a senior analyst in Indiana who was offered $83,634.

Here’s a breakdown of what Salesforce pays many other employees. Roles are grouped by job category and guided by the broad categories assigned by the Bureau of Foreign Labor Certification.

When you’re done reviewing the data below, take a look at Insider’s Big Tech Salary Database to see how much Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and other companies pay their workers.

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