Golden deer, blue lions or black eagles

Golden deer, blue lions or black eagles

if you have played Fire Emblem: Three Housesyou will immediately recognize many game systems in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Functioning as a kind of count of the three houses story, this game has players take on the role of a mercenary named Shez, who ends up joining the Officers’ Academy at the Garreg Mach Monastery. Unsurprisingly, that means he’ll need to choose one of three houses to join. three hopes has three different stories or “routes” to go along with that. It’s a tough decision to make, but we’ll help give you a little guidance to get started. three hopes.

What is different about each route?

Every path in three hopes has a different story.Nintendo

Each of the three routes three hopes It has a different story which provides a unique perspective on the war in Fodlan. Shez joining one side or the other drastically changes the way events play out, so a big part of choosing a route will simply come down to which characters you like best. Also, keep in mind that each character has their own unique ability of hers.

On each route, you will go through basically the same experience of upgrading your base camp, leveling up characters, and playing various quests on the world map to conquer regions. Note, however, that the Black Eagles route is slightly longer than the other three, with almost 30 percent more event scenes. There are also two different story branches in each route, based on whether or not you recruit or fight Byleth.

if you have played three housesyou should think about three hopes Similarly, Black Eagles being the most “advanced” route, while Golden Deer and Blue Lions are the easiest. if you haven’t played three housesHowever, we will go over the playable character you get with each house and what they focus on. It’s also important to note that there are additional characters you’ll recruit in each route, but due to spoilers, we won’t be covering them.

Golden Deer – Golden Wildfire Route

Pick the Golden Deer if you want an army that has a mix of ranged and close range attackers.Nintendo

The Golden Deer are an eclectic bunch and boast more archers than any other house. Claude is the most specialized unit, of course, and is the only character that can shoot a bow while riding a wyvern, which makes sense considering his Wyvern Master class. These are the main units available in Golden Wildfire and the classes they specialize in and their unique abilities.

  • Claude (Wyvern Master): The Dust Cloud ability imbues attacks with wind.
  • Lorenz (Cavalier) – The Rondo of Roses ability can either block enemy attacks when the gauge is full or pull enemies in if used.
  • Hilda (Brigand) – The Lightning Bound ability allows you to hold down the attack button to increase damage and add lightning.
  • Raphael (Brawler) – The Pure Brawn ability allows you to charge up attacks for extra damage.
  • Lysithea (Wizard) – The Curse Expulsion ability causes enemies to explode when they fly away.
  • Ignatz (Archer): The Dreamer’s Brush ability spatters the ground with pain. Enemies walking in the painting take elemental damage.
  • Marianne (Priest) – The Snowslip ability automatically launches ice attacks when you get 300 hits.
  • Leonie (Cavalier): Careful study attacks double the normal attack count.

Blue Lions – Blue Glitter Route

Choose the Blue Lions if you want an army that focuses heavily on close range weapons.Nintendo

The Blue Lions focus almost exclusively on physical attackers and have very few characters that specialize in magic or bows. Dmitri has the High Lord class, which has some of the highest damage in the game and a powerful ranged spear throw for his strong attack. Here are the students of the Blue Lions.

  • Dmitri (High Lord): The Azure Lightning ability imbues attacks with lightning.
  • Dedue (Armored Knight) – The Demolisher ability allows you to hold down the attack button to perform explosive attacks upon impact in a small area.
  • Felix (Mercenary): The Intense Velocity ability allows you to dodge in the middle of an attack and then increase your speed.
  • Mercedes (Priest) – The Radiant Love skill gradually restores HP and fills the gauge. When the gauge is full, you can unleash an attack that damages enemies and heals allies.
  • Ashe (Archer): The Wind Stance ability allows Ashe to aim at the ground and create a damaging wind zone.
  • Annette (Wizard) – Aria Brave’s ability slowly filled the ability gauge when attacking. When full, you can use a move that buffs you and nearby allies.
  • Sylvain (Cavalier): The Gordian Strike skill increases attack range and damage proportionally when over 300 hits.
  • Ingrid (Pegasus Knight) – The Icy Plunge ability causes enemies to explode, dealing ice damage when they are sent airborne.

Black Eagles – Scarlet Blaze Route

Choose the Black Eagles if you want an army that focuses heavily on magic.Nintendo

The Black Eagles have the strongest magic users in the game and a heavy focus on ranged attacks. Edelgard is one of the best defensive units in the game with her Armored Lord class making her an extremely efficient tank during battles. Here are the students of the Black Eagles.

  • Edelgard (Armored Lord): Solar Prominence ability imbues attacks with fire.
  • Hubert (Mage) – Dark Conjuration ability has low chance to impale enemies with dark spikes. He presses the ability button to make the spikes explode.
  • Dorothea (Magician): The Prismatic Resonance ability causes musical notes to appear on the battlefield. Attacking the notes sends out a shock wave.
  • Ferdinand (Cavalier) – Max Wander grants an increase in speed proportional to hit count when over 300 hits.
  • Bernadetta (Archer): When using the skill button, a zone of ice is generated that increases the rage of critical hits.
  • Caspar (Brigand) – One for the Books ability allows you to hold down the attack button to charge, increasing attack range and damage dealt.
  • Petra (Thief): The Windstorm skill slightly increases dodge instances. Dodges deal very little wind damage.
  • Linhardt (Wizard): The Easy Breezy ability generates two orbs of wind when you complete a final normal attack. These orbs attack a small range on their own.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes It is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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