Game Boy-Style Demake of Elden Ring is Out Now

Although millions were looking forward to its release, many probably did not anticipate just how huge elden ring It would be when it came out in February. In fact, it became one of the highest-rated video games of all time, currently ranking 34th on Metacritic’s top games list, just above mass effect 2 Y Skyrim. But to one person, there was no reason why there couldn’t be other iterations of this immensely successful FromSoftware title, specifically a much more retro version.


As seen by PCGamesN, user Shin has created an unofficial version of elden ring in the style of games released for Nintendo’s classic handheld console, the Game Boy. A video on YouTube shows the game in all its glorious 2-bit visuals, complete with retro system’s signature green color, complete with ripple sound. The file is available for download for emulators via the page, or players can access it directly on the website. It’s even said to run on actual Game Boy hardware. It will almost certainly be intriguing for fans of both the game and the 1980s handheld device.

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A sneak peek of this Game Boy version of elden ring was released a couple of months ago, with the developer initially targeting a May release. Regardless, the finished project is an impressively authentic take on FromSoftware’s title, encapsulating familiar elements of the game that fans will recognize, while also making it look and sound like it genuinely came from a bygone era of gaming. It should be noted that this version only includes the Limgrave region and not the full game, although Shin has said that they would like to add more in the future if they can.

There’s something about taking a new game like this and running it through a time machine to make it look more retro. Recently, a user made a demake of elden ring that made it look like a SNES title, replacing the more modern graphics with 16-bit visuals consistent with the system from the 1990s.

As for the iconic Nintendo Game Boy console, it was a landmark product for the Japanese company, becoming a worldwide phenomenon and helping popularize gaming on the go. The fact that it had an impressive shelf life, released in 1989 and continuing into the early 2000s, shows what an impact it had. And clearly, some people want to keep the spirit alive with fan demakes.

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