Final Fantasy 16 won’t be an open world game, but its Eikon battles will all be unique

Final Fantasy XVI won’t be an open world game, but its levels are inspired by recent “triple-A open world RPGs,” according to producer Naoki Yoshida. In an interview, Yoshida explained that the development team felt constrained by the idea of ​​a single open world space, and instead focused on creating single areas that are independent of each other.

“We have found in our extensive user research that many of the younger generation gamers have never played a Final Fantasy or have no interest in the series,” Yoshida told IGN. “In order to create a game that can excite and resonate with not only our core fans, but also that new generation, we play a lot of games ourselves, and yes, in [Final Fantasy XVI] You’ll find inspiration in the latest triple-A open world RPGs.