Fallout Fan Creates Awesome Brotherhood of Steel LED Sign

A Fallout player displays his LED badge in tribute to one of the most popular factions in the franchise, the Brotherhood of Steel.

Many of Bethesda’s RPGs often involve factions spread across the world so the player can choose who they want to team up with during the main events of the game. Skyrim has the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and more that you can team up with in your main side quests, and the latest game from Bethesda star field it will also include multiple factions that the player can side with or ignore. Fall It’s no different, and from the Minutemen to The Children of Atom, a wanderer through the nuclear apocalypse has plenty of friends and enemies to make.


one of the most popular Fall factions is the Brotherhood of Steel. Initially formed by members of the United States Armed Forces prior to the Great War that created the Fall setting, the Brotherhood of Steel has multiple chapters spread across the US and has appeared in every game in the post-apocalyptic franchise. The Brotherhood of Steel is a techno-religious military order that wants to bring back old world technology and have tight control over it.

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It may be the case, then, that the Brotherhood of Steel wants to keep a Redditor’s tribute to the faction. User LaserBeta posted his recreation of the iconic Brotherhood of Steel insignia on social media, displaying the symbol of the famous Fall faction with a red LED light in the background. Red is not usually associated with the Brotherhood of Steel, but it helps to show that as a faction of military might, the Brotherhood can also intimidate those in the field. Fall universe.

Much Fall Fans were quick to praise LaserBeta’s creation, with many asking where they could get their own version of the sign to support their favorite faction. LaserBeta stated that they sell these creations, so anyone looking to turn their home into a miniature version of the Prydwen of fallout 4 I could do it with a Brotherhood of Steel badge. This is not the only replica or recreation. Fall fans have made of items seen in games. For example, a hobbyist recently recreated a tubular revolver, one of the weapons that can be made in fallout 4.

Even with fans still excited about the Brotherhood of Steel and the Fall universe in general, it looks like they may not be getting any new official content for some time. Todd Howard recently confirmed that fallout 5 will be on its way after launch The Elder Scrolls 6, which currently only exists in a pre-production state. Fortunately, there are some expansive Fall mods coming from members of the community soon enough to give fans a new apocalyptic experience.

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