Deadly Premonition 2: How to fix the shower

There’s nothing worse than a broken shower, especially when it’s as vital to a game as deadly premonition 2. Here’s how to fix it. Deadly Premonition 2: A blessing in disguise it is unique in many ways. It combines an open world skateboarding protagonist with small horror elements to unsettle fans throughout the game. However, it’s not just the genre that’s unique, it’s the items the protagonist has to go through to complete some of these quests.


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This includes the requirement to keep clean. In most games that follow this genre, not so much cleanup is needed. However, in deadly premonition 2, players can fail missions if York is not clean and it can cost a lot of money. That’s why breaking the shower is so frustrating. Fortunately, there is a way to fix it and make York clean again.

break the shower

breaking the shower deadly premonition 2 requires very little effort on York’s part. In fact, after one or two uses, the hotel room shower is more likely to break, meaning it’s one of those side quests that players will experience early in the game.

It’s vital that once the shower breaks, York aims to fix it as soon as possible because after a few days it will start to smell bad, costing players a considerable amount of money if they try to talk to someone while smelling it.

talk to the concierge

Once the shower is broken, it’s worth heading to the main lobby and looking for the concierge. Anyone else York tries to talk to about the problem initially will be extremely useless.

The main problem players will discover when trying to talk to the Janitor is finding him. Summoning him by pressing the bell will only open up the ability to buy things, while players must talk to him.

It is recommended to wait for him to appear by the desk and then go talk to him about the shower instead of ringing the bell. This will further the quest, but York will still end up having to fix it himself.

head to the restaurant

After the first interaction is complete, the Concierge will prompt you deadly premonition 2 York to go to the valves and fix the shower himself, it’s not really York’s job, but it’s better to just take a shower than argue. The first valve is located in the restaurant, so head into that room and look for a tall gray pipe coming out of the wall. It shouldn’t be too hard to play sports.

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Fortunately, both the player and York do not need to be qualified plumbers to interact with the valve. It is simply a button to press and then the first part of the side quest is completed.

Talk to the concierge again

After the first valve has been adjusted, the player will need to return to the Janitor. Depending on how quick players are at finding the restaurant pipe, the janitor may still be at the desk. If not, York will have to wait for it to arrive again. It is recommended to take a cigarette and wait until around 16:30 for it to appear on your desk again.

Once the Concierge arrives, speak to him directly without ringing the bell, and he will walk you through the next steps.

Talk to the bellman

After talking to the janitor about fixing the valve, he quickly tells York that he has no idea how to fix the problem, hinting that the bellman or chef may have a better idea. Once this has happened, the player must find the bellman and ask for help.

Unfortunately, the bellman is only available in the morning, so head to the lobby around 9:30 and find him. Talk to them and they will direct York to the corner of the hallway on the second floor.

Head to the second floor

Fortunately there are not too many puzzles in deadly premonition 2 therefore, fixing the shower is a relatively easy task, it is only a bit long and requires a lot of exploration of the hotel.

However, the janitor will direct the player to the second floor where they must once again find another tall gray pipe. This is located next to the vending machine at the end of the hall. Click the button to reset it and the job is complete.

talk to the chef

Fixing the pipe on the second floor is not enough to make the shower work, so players will need to go find the Chef to find the last clue in the puzzle.

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Head towards the restaurant around 12:30 and go inside to talk to him. It will give York the last clue that he is near the bathroom on the first floor. Players will then need to leave the restaurant and go down the stairs.

Head to the men’s room

After that direction, head to the men’s toilets and find the familiar tall gray pipe. Click on it and the final element will be complete with perfectly adjusted water.

There’s no need to go back to the Concierge after this, York can simply head to his room and make sure the shower is working again. Depending on how quickly the player completes this mission, York may desperately need to take a shower, so jump in as soon as possible and let him enjoy some decent water pressure and a reliable flush, so he can continue in this survival game.

deadly premonition 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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