Brad Pitt talks about sobriety and a peculiar social problem

Brad Pitt talks about sobriety and a peculiar social problem

Brad Pitt has prioritized his health since his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016 and has removed many bad influences in an effort to improve his life, according to a GQ interview published on Wednesday.

During the interview, Pitt reportedly indulged in a nicotine mint and explained that he quit smoking during the pandemic, one of the many changes he has made in recent years. Giving fans a glimpse into his personality, Pitt revealed that he couldn’t just cut back on cigarettes, he had to quit altogether.

“I don’t have the ability to do just one or two a day,” Pitt told GQ. “It’s not in my makeup. I’m all in. And I will drive on the ground. I have lost my privileges.

He also said he sought help to get sober, according to GQ. Pitt reportedly admitted to spending a year and a half in Alcoholics Anonymous and detailed his journey to sobriety.

“He had a really cool group of guys here that was really private and selective, so it was safe,” Pitt said, admitting that the big step in a forward direction was not without risk, the outlet reported.

“Because I had seen things from other people that had been recorded spilling their guts, and that’s just egregious to me,” Pitt told GQ.

He reportedly described a myriad of ways he used vices throughout his life and admitted that he doesn’t have the ability to continue that lifestyle without suffering the negatives associated with it. She fondly recalled the quiet moments when she smoked a cigarette “in the morning, with coffee, just delicious,” according to GQ.

He went on to admit his current ability to the vices he used in the past. “I’m that age where nothing good comes out of it,” Pitt said.(RELATED: Biden Administration Plans to Remove Most Nicotine from Cigarettes)

During the interview, Pitt also took a deep dive into a unique social issue that he has been dealing with for years. The actor explained that he has a hard time remembering and recognizing new faces, and talked about how incredibly difficult it can be in social settings, particularly at parties, according to GQ.

He indicated that he fears that people will perceive him negatively and mistake him for being self-absorbed, when in fact such situations leave him embarrassed, according to GQ. Although he has not been officially diagnosed, Pitt said he believes he suffers from prosopagnosia, a condition that is also known as face blindness, the outlet reported.

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