Arborisk Tree Surgeon Insurance
Arborisk Tree Surgeon Insurance

Arborisk Tree Surgeon Insurance

 Arborisk Tree Surgeon and arboriculture insurance is a policy designed for arborists and people working in the arboriculture industry, to meet the specific needs of your business.

Public Liability

Public Liability is the core cover included in every policy. Due to the potential for large claims our standard limit of cover is £5m, although this can be increased to £10m. Public Liability provides cover for accidental bodily injury to members of the public and their property for which you are legally liable.

For example, a falling branch from a tree which you are working on injuring a member of the public or damaging their property.

Employers’ Liability

Although Employers Liability is an optional cover it is a legal requirement in the UK if you have employees working for you under a contract of service. The definition of employees is wide, including volunteers, labour only subcontractors, apprentices, trainees and persons undergoing work experience.

Our standard limit of cover is £10m. Employers Liability provides cover for your employees who may be injured at work due to your negligence, from things like falling trees or injury sustained operating tools or plant.

Tools and Equipment

Optional cover is available for your tools, equipment and plant, such as chainsaws, harvesters, forwarders, mulchers, loaders, and excavators. We can also provide cover for hired in equipment which you are legally liable for.

You also have the option to include cover for any other business equipment, such as laptop computers and business stock. Our policy reinstates your owned property based on the market value at the time of damage or loss, however new for old cover can be offered for electronic business equipment.

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Personal Accident

Available for business owners and employees, this optional cover pays up to £20,000 in the event of accidental bodily injury, such as loss of a finger or limb (as defined in the policy wording), and a weekly benefit of £250 or £400 in the event of injury which temporarily forces you out of work such as a broken leg. This is 24 hour cover and applies if an injury occurs at work or off site such as a football game.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses is included in every policy and covers any costs and expenses in respect of legal proceedings brought against you/your business including action under the Health and Safety at Work Act and Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act.

Professional Indemnity

Optional insurance that covers your legal liability arising from accidental errors and disputes in professional advice and arboriculture services your business provides. For example, you are asked to provide a tree report which you include on your report the tree is not diseased. The tree later falls as a result of disease damaging a clients property.

If it was found that your report was incorrect you would be legally liable for the property damage and expenses. However if it was found report was correct and you were wrongfully accused, this cover includes legal defence costs.

Arborisk Tree Surgeon Insurance

Extra features

  • No height restrictions
  • No proposal form to complete
  • No admin fees
  • Option to pay the annual premium in full or by monthly instalments (which includes an interest charge)
    Access to Aviva Risk Solutions, offering advice on safety, security and other issues that can affect your business.
    In addition to the arborist insurance options available, we can obtain quotes for other insurance covers that you may require. If you would like us to conduct a full review of your insurance needs please contact us to discuss this further.

Full Terms and Conditions of cover are included in the Policy Wording and full quotation documents.


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